Thursday, December 07, 2006

Equality, doesn't mean positive discrimination

I've been reading a anti-feminist blog lately, while I don't agree with some of the things that are said there, I cannot disagree with everything. One of the thing I agree with (and that I'm pretty sure pretty flower will too) is that father are not just sperm donor in the lives of children. The presence of the child father is important in the child life, it provide a different view point and provide a different structure that is helpfull (or needed) for a child develloppement.

Another thing I have to agree with and that is the subject of this post is that positie discrimination is a bad idea. The whole point of feminism was to reconise the equality of woman and man (in spite of their differences) before the law and in society. That means that for the same amoung of work both deserve the same pay, that both face the same penality before the law for the same crime and that both have the same right in society. Making laws that ask people to hire woman over man despite the competenses of both to meet so form of quota, is basically saying that woman are worse then men, that they need a boost to fill the same job. It also makes a difference in the law based on gender, something that would be inacceptable if it was in the favor of men.

Now of course the argument could be made that laws have been biased against woman for centuries (or even millenia) and that the current trend is just the justified return of the pendulum. But that like saying well the British have killed native american in the past so now native american should have the permission no the right to kill British people. It doesn't make any senses, two bad doesn't make a right. Particullary now that we claim to be a civilised society one that can think of the consequences of it action, it should be obvious from history that favoring one part of society over another is a bad idea and only lead to problem.

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yofed said...

An other problem about feminism, is that is is supposed to be about giving the woman the choice of what she wants to do with her life... but nowadays, if a woman chooses to have kids and not to work, she gets all kind of nasty looks, and I am sure some are told all kind of comments too. For instance, even if I like working, meeting people, learning new things, I believe I can have a fulfilling life raising my kids. SO when I tell people I am not going back to work after this child, I pretty much always get nasty looks... men seems to think it's weird, women like to remind me that THEY manage to raise their kids AND work... but over the last 3 years, I realized how important it is for my child to have me around, especially since daddy is often gone for long periods of time... I can still learn at home, read, and teach my kids as much as I can about being a good human being and how to do things... I am not sure I would be able to homeschool them, but even then, I don't think homeschooling parents do a choice that is necessarely bad...

I tend to ramble more and more... briefly, feminism is supposed to be about giving the same right and choices of life as men, not to over power them or anything of the kind... and if the choice of the woman is to follow a more traditional path, it should be accepted too.