Monday, November 27, 2006

When normal week go busy...

Well what started as a long but normal not too busy week just transformed into a very busy no time for posting on the blog (yes I'm aware of the irony of this statement) week. In addition from suffering from sever lack of sleep (thanks to the side effect of a antibiotic I'm taking for a sinusitis) I was just reminded that I have to produce a posters for an oversea conference I will not even be attending for next week and I have to prepare a presentation for my doctorat projet also due next week. Oh well it's doable but my social life will probably be inexistant up until next week.

Oh on a completly unrelated note, apparently some girl contacted me after having read this blog (technically you could say that I'm taking time off this busy week to say this on the blog and using the week nature as an excuse but you'd be wrong)... maybe I should say despite reading this blog but she did say she wouldn't have contacted me without reading it. She found it funny, well that made my day so I'm sharing it with you gentle reader (and the no so gentle too no discrimination here). Well here I had some more ranting to do but work is calling and if I want to survive the day without tearing anyone heads off I'd better go.

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