Thursday, November 23, 2006

A nation so fracking what?

Yesterday in either a brillant or blantantly stupid political move the Honorable Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada proposed a motion to have the canadian parlement reconise a nation statuts to the pronvince of Quebec. If it manage to throw the souvernist mouvement into disarray and remove one of their argument (that Quebec is nation and that the federal governement doesn't want to reconize it because they are eeeevil) it will prove to be a brillant move.

Otherwise, if it continues as it appear to be going, i.e that the rest of Canada is pissed because they see another gift to Quebec and that the souvernist mouvement is pissed up because the motion proposed by Harper include the words: "inside an united Canada" well it's will probably be a very stupid move. It's like there was this hornet nest in the corner of canadian politic and Harper decided, hey lets poke it a few times to see if they are still hornet in it... well guess what it appear that the hornet are still there and alive.

Now about that title, even if Quebec is reconized as a nation, so what? The native american are reconized as a nation, much good it does them. Like krimpoff (warning french) said on his blog if that the biggest concern in Canada we truly are "The bestest country in the world" to translate Jean Chretien words. I hoped when I heard the news yesterday that it would shut the whole constitution debate, the the souvernist would be too flabbergasted and that the rest of canada wouldn't care about a word who give basically nothing to Quebec. But I was wrong, the rest of Canada fear the possibility this word open up and the souvernist mouvement found some semantic to debate. The joy of politic.

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