Monday, November 13, 2006

The hair

As some of you know I've been growing my hair longer, as a matter of fact chances are that I haven't cut my hair since that last time I saw you (except V I guess.) Now, I guess it started as lazzyness on my part but now, it more like confusion. You see roughtly half the woman I know find that my hair makes me looks great (ok maybe not great but good.. ok not good but ok... oh well not bad alright) while the other half simply can't stand it.

I don't usually mind what other people think of how I look but as a single guy I'm guessing that heeding woman opinion on my hair can't be that bad a thing right? Now either I should find some criteria to select which woman I should listen to, or woman should hold a vote and decide if the longer hair looks better or worse then the shorter one.

Anyway for the moment my decision is to wait a little and then cut them a little because they are getting annoying. Well not really annoying but distracting and that annoying.


Piccolo said...

I have two solutions for you. First one, juste cut half of the hair on your head... Second solution, why don't you just go see a stylist and ask how you could have your hair? Try a knew cut! Not too short, not too long, but now, there' more then one cut for guys!

yofed said...

Good point! I really love your Einstein haircut, but who knows, maybe a stylist could find something even more suiting... as long as it's not keeping your hair the same length as your beard!!!

anyflower said...

I agree with them girls: see a stylist! I like your look with longer hair but you need a cut. I personnaly think that longer hair (if you get a cut) could give you a relax/romantic look that could balance your nerd side, which women may like :o)