Friday, October 06, 2006

Annoying argument

I was listening to the discovery channel (on my new TV!!! yé! I can see pictures now) and I fell upon one of the worse argument you can give about something. A lot of people bbelievethat... or it's brother most people bbelievethat. It's not a argument that is logically valid, hell even if everyone bbelievedsomething it doesn't mean it is the truth. A great proof of that is simple, until Einstein everyone bbelievedin Newtonian gravity, however we now know it to be false (or more exactly ccompletely false, but giving the right answer in some situation). So when one UFO investigator tells me: well a lot of people don't bbelievethat we are the most technoligical people in the solar neighborhood. I answer: so? Even if we aren't the technological people in the area that really doesn't mean aliens come to visit us or even more unlikely that one would crash in New Mexico.

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