Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nothing really

Well You might have noticed that lack of update on my blog, the reason is quite simple: I really had nothing to say (yeah I know a shocker for many.) So a little update on my life, I am apparently getting better at playing pool, well to be honest I am getting less bad ;-) I've been talking to two girls I meet on the internet (no not together separately perverts!), they both seem nice but I've given up on expecting things from online dating, much safer and less likely to lead to terrible wake-up. On other new, I got firefox 2.0 witch a french spell checker, ironically I cannot easily change the language being spell checked which doesn't help the quality of this blog at all but at least if I ever write something in french online it might make it readable.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Poor supergirl

I was feeling yesterday so I got weird a thought: poor Supergirl. You see Supergirl as the same power as Superman, which mean she is super strong, super fast she can shoot laser from her eyes and only kryptonite can Peirce her skin. Now the last one is a good power to have you'd say... but think about it poor Supergirl will be a virgin eternally! No human can pierce her hymen and superman is her brother, poor little girl. I hope she is lesbian, or as a very understanding boyfriend that do not want children.

Hey I warned you it was a weird though... probably even a geeky weird though.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Speed dating and single meeting

Last night one of my friend wanted to drag a couple of my friend and I to a single meeting arranged by a dating website. It had officially nothing to do with my birthday (thank all that wished me happy birthday) but it still happened on the night I officially changed age. While we where getting to the meeting we where having a slight misgiving about the whole thing. You know we where imagining how the meeting would go and it was something like that: They'll be 95% of men all of which are older then 50, the few woman would be old, fat, short and ugly. Or they'll be a nice number of woman but all over 40 or 50. Or they wouldn't be any woman present at all... you know the kind of thing we didn't expects much. And boy where we wrong, the average age was around 25-28, most of the woman were beautiful and the party wasn't boring at all. While there I talked to a few woman (didn't get any number tho, but at least unlike my friends I talked to some) and tried speed dating.

Speed dating (said in Stargate Atlantis, Rodney leadership), well it is something I've got to tell you. Not something I expect to work very often, of it is a intriguing experience. Basically you have 5 minute to spend (talking) with a girl at the end of which you write down if you think it would be worth pursuing further or not. You then shift seat to talk to another girl for 5 minutes. If both you an a girl said yes it could be a match you get to know it and theoretically you can talk to her another time. I did not get any match last night, not to surprising, since none of the girl really caught my fancy but all and all it was fun.

Well all and all that was a fun night and it once again convinced me that woman are approachable, maybe not datable but at least I can talk to them without much problem. Now only need to find that super woman my friend Krimpoff mention in his post about my birthday.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Wow... the first 2 hour episode of season three aired last night and frankly wow. It's hard it's dark but it awesome. Finally some more TV I can watch.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Annoying argument

I was listening to the discovery channel (on my new TV!!! yé! I can see pictures now) and I fell upon one of the worse argument you can give about something. A lot of people bbelievethat... or it's brother most people bbelievethat. It's not a argument that is logically valid, hell even if everyone bbelievedsomething it doesn't mean it is the truth. A great proof of that is simple, until Einstein everyone bbelievedin Newtonian gravity, however we now know it to be false (or more exactly ccompletely false, but giving the right answer in some situation). So when one UFO investigator tells me: well a lot of people don't bbelievethat we are the most technoligical people in the solar neighborhood. I answer: so? Even if we aren't the technological people in the area that really doesn't mean aliens come to visit us or even more unlikely that one would crash in New Mexico.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What an annoying week

I don't watch much tv but their is a few show I follow: House, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Dr Who and since it began Jericho. However this week (well up to next friday) is pretty dry, of all those series the only one showing a new episode is Jericho, House won't start again before the end of October and Atlantis won't start until march, I have no idea when the next season of Dr Who will be. And to add to the annoyance I feel like watching some TV this week... oh well at least Battlestar Galactica restart in a few days it should be enought to fix any lack of Tv I had.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well nice to know we watch the world...

I was looking at the new sites this morning and I found something I find interesting (and by interesting I mean: how messed up can radio-Canada be?) one of the first news in every major international news site is this: North Korea is planning a nuclear bomb test (which would be major bad news for world peace)... yet I can find at this time no mention of this on the SRC or CBC news site... shouldn't it be at least mentioned? I think it kinda important, and wouldn't be a bad way to inform people of what happening in the world. Anyway it annoys me.