Monday, September 25, 2006

Well it seems somebody failed high school physics

I was reading my D20 future book when I came upon a gem of bad physic. After the wood that will not ever catch fire naturally of Dungeon and Dragon I present you the unstoppable space flying object. You see according to the rules of D20 future when in space you get a huge bonus to pick up or push things in space... providing you are not trying to stop them from moving. In short in that universe you can pick up half a ton in space but don't ever try to put it down. The explication for this is rather clever: an object loose it weight but not it's mass in space... so it kept it inertial when moving but you can get it moving really easily...

WRONG! inertia also applies to object at rest. For example if you would try to start a one ton block from moving in space you would push on it... and probably end up flying int he opposite direction. The force applied to an object is always it's mass time it acceleration (notice mass not weight) so if you push for 100N on a 1 ton blog well it probably wouldn't accelerate away from you (at least not significantly). I know you have to make abstraction to make a roleplaying game but come on at least make some that keep the universe working correctly!


Piccolo said...

And when I think that in roll playing games, you can have trolls.... But, the universe must turn at the right angle... Not a paradoxe I suppose!!!

asaathi said...

Silly piccolo their is no troll in space! :-p

Well seriously the difference between troll and violation of Newton law are simple, troll do not change the fundamental nature of the universe... change in the law of gravity do.