Friday, September 01, 2006

Talk about screwed up.

Well I was just forwarded a link, please go visit it before reading the rest of the post I will wait.

Back? good... now the first thing that comes to mind is WHAT THE FRACK!!! What kind of screwed up society would invent such a thing (ok that not exactly true, it has been invented way before since it is only a pixel manipulation thing) and make it widespread. I have a thing again obesity but I have an even bigger thing against stupidity. Just because your making yourself look thinner on picture doesn't mean you actual are! Beside how can someone who took his own picture and slimmed himself (or herself) actually believe he is thinner??

Also as someone who use dating site, I fear this technology will only bring more deceit and lies into the online dating process. Just imagine the lies that will be posted and supported thanks to this. It will be a source of one more false expectation created by the process of online dating (not the first and that probably the main problem of online dating) but come on.

I think that you cannot love someone before you accept (or even love) yourself and those self delusion tools are only promoting vanity and decadence. As well as promoting the opinion that thinness is more beautiful for everyone. Yeah I know it kinda of hypocritical of me to say that since I prefer thin woman but I don't expect everyone to have the same taste I do.. in fact I hope it's not the case.


Piccolo said...

Asaathi asaathi.... Maybe someday I'll understand a tiny bit of you! I would like to have this kind of photo maker! hi,hi,hi! But seriously, the result is not a big difference of reality. And it's real that pictures can make us look bigger. And trust me, big persons will seems big with or without this thing. And yes, you're ideas are all messed up!

But about those dating sites, you said it can be dangerous. Why? Because you are at risk of falling in love with a girl who were looking thinner on picture? And in real life, she looks 10 pounds more? HIIIIII, what a dramatic turn it could take! Body is something, but emotions are something else.

asaathi said...

1) You do not fall in love on dating site, you meet people that you could have affinity and maybe fall in love.

2) It promotes lying and false expectation: People might (will) feel that they have to use this trick to compete in the "market" and but will expect everyone else not to be doing it (strangely).

For exemple, say a girl that took a picture a few years back when she weighted like 20 pounds less (nothing shameful here)... she edit it to make it looks 10 pound lighter and now it a 30 pounds difference with her current form. Then since a picture "add 10 pounds" she says on her profile online that she is 10 lbs lighter then her picture seem to indicate (we are now at 40 lbs below her present weight). When you meet her you are not meeting the girl you are expecting to meet you are meeting a much heavier girl. Every human (except the blind) has sight as first impression of someone and your first impression of that people is that she is not like she described herself. People meeting her will probably wonder (subsconsiously) what else did she "improve on reality" about. You can "improve on reality" a little on your profile say 10-20 pounds but beyond that it starts to feel like you are cheating. It's kinda like the difference between a wonderbra and a boobjob. One makes natural breast look bigger, the other is false big breast.

3) I honestly wouldn't care with a 10 pound difference (unless it's 10 pound of guts.. then I'd have to wonder if she is pregnant, was a male a few years back or is about to take on 30 more pounds everywhere) but my experience with dating site dictacte that you don't hide 10 pounds.. but you do try to hide 50.

4) Emotion and body are two different things yes, but it is dishonnest to say that body does not matter. Some people don't find my hair style, my eyes, my nose or my body shape attractive, it their right and their taste, I don't find excess weight attractive it's mine.