Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shooting in Montreal

Yesterday you probably hear a sick individual apparently decided to shoot at people in one of Montreal college. Like most people I cannot understand what would drive someone to such an action and I can only offer my sympathies and prayers to the parents and friends of the victims.

Now I hope that the action of this individual will not be used to star a new crusade again something. We know now that he liked Metal music and that he was a goth, like millions of other people that do not kill other. He liked guns, so do a few millions peoples that never went into a college to kill anyone. He saw violence on TV... well you get the ideas. Millions of people live life close or almost identical to his, it is not society fault that he acted the way he acted, he was 25 years old, his action are his responsibility.

We should not seek to put the blame on something beside himself. We should only hope he doesn't inspire anyone with this action.

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