Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quite a few rant.

My first rant today is about my work, the damn software don't seem to work like I want it too and I don't understand why.. well actually that would be a rant against my own stupidity since I can figure out how to make things work the way I want them.... why is very very very ironic since while writing the previous sentence I suddenly understood what was wrong and how to solve it.

My second rant will be about how I don't have time to write about half of what I want to write on my blog. damn I had just about something to write everyday since Friday and yet nothing has ever reached the blog... it annoys me. I had "stories" I wanted to tell but that now seems insignificant.

My third rant: The application of the word terrorism to any legitimate, uniform wearing, tank deploying, plane possessing military force in the world. In my opinion if you can know at a glance that the person is a soldier or that you are facing military personnel you are not facing terrorist. One cannot say for example that Canadian solider in Afghanistan are terrorist, everyone there knows that they are solider waging a war. A terrorist on the other hand is the unknown element, you never know if you next door neighbors might be one (see Arlington Road) also their tactic are clearly different, most of the time the military goal is to destroy tactical and strategical target (industrial complex, military base, airports, troops) while terrorist usually target civilian (market, bus, places of business, church). I think it's easy to make a distinction and that using terrorist to referee to "legitimate" military is a desperate argument of someone opposed to the war. They can't find any more logical reason so they fall down to name calling. Little note, I'm not saying that being again a war is wrong, just that they have to find better argument than our soldier are terrorist, particularly when those same soldier are getting killed for a mission they voted for. (yes I'm looking at you NPD)

Here for a forth rant: the public transportation in Quebec, damn it stop making larger garages for you buses and get more buses for the users! I want to be able to sit "comfortably" in a bus no matter the time of the day, yes that means that on peak hours their should be a LOT more buses out. If you don't have money for more drivers you certainly have no money for a new garage.

Can I go for five rant? of course I can! You know what bugs me right now? the lack of good games on my computer, I want a good SF game not related to a first person shooter or a strategy game I need a space RPG on my computer. Or better yet a new X-wing like space fight simulator, that would really be fun.

And for a sixth rant, I lost a player in my Monday game, he decided he doesn't want to play with that gang of people anymore... but since he is the only one beside me that wants to be the game master and I don't want to be a game master all the time I want to play sometimes. Maybe I need a new group... or new friends.. preferably single girl.

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