Thursday, September 28, 2006

On one hand...

I was surfing the BBC news website when I found this little tidbit of a news (pun intended). A scientific wants to make a new way to power our laptop using tiny (very tiny) gas engine. On one hand that would make for an interesting efficient power source for laptop but on the other hand, well gas engine have a few interesting side product. You know all those greenhouse gas, not to mention the CO produced that would be toxic to human (tho I doubt that a single laptop would produce enough to be a problem). The problem like for the car is one of scale, a few laptop is no problem for the earth, a few millions is getting annoying, lets not forget also that laptop tend to be used in closed space. That might makes having a few laptop working at a time to be an health hazard. An interesting area of research but I'm not sure it is such a great idea.

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anyflower said...

I read the article and had the same interrogations as you: what is the risk of intoxication for the humans, if a few laptops (for exemple in a conference) run at the same time for a few hours? Or what about book preservation in libraries? We know how fragile paper is: would libraries ban those laptops from their walls? Not very useful for us, students.

As you say, interesting but maybe not such a good idea.