Monday, September 18, 2006

My PC is dead and I've done my good deed for the day

Well it is official, my PC is dead. The diagnosis is simple: damage to the first memory slot. This cause it to be unable to read the first 64k of memory which prevent the computer from booting up. It also means that the cure for the problem is basically a new motherboard. Which since my motherboard is more then 6 years old: a new CPU and probably new memory. I don't have the money for that right now but now that I know I need a new one I can star to save and hopefully get one next year.

Now for my good deed, yep I'm bragging, but not really since I'm not sure I wasn't tricked. Well here is the story, a guy approch me on the street asking if he can ask me something. Of course I said yeah, the guy serve me a sad story about how he doesn't have money and he hasn't eaten in days. I offer him some change, but he said well couldn't you buy me something to drink or to eat. Since we were close to a grocery store I said sure. And by good deed was me buying him foods for at least a meal. I really hope the guy really needed the food but still even if he didn't at least I was nice...

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