Friday, September 01, 2006

A camera does not add ten pounds at least not in the pictures

Well after picollo's comment on my last post I must really talk about this myth that camera add ten pounds to people. While it is true that a ten pound camera will indeed add 10 pounds to the person wearing it it as nothing to do with it's pictures capability and fattening potential.

Also it is true that in some situation because of the smaller field of view and screwed up perceptive you might think you appear larger. But it is appearance only, if measurement were taken from the picture with things you could correctly measure it would be clear that you are not in fact any thinner or bigger then in reality. A camera is only a set of lens and a detector that records how photon impact it. If the lens does not make everything look bigger (or everything in a area of the lens) it will not make you look bigger. In short if the chair next to you in the picture appears correctly proportioned then well you are too no matter how fat you look.

Probably the only reason this myth endure is that people like to thing of themselves as thinner then they are actually (I include myself in this you know) and that being struck with an image of how they really are is something they do not want to agree with. And I guess that most people prefer to say the camera adds ten pound then to tell someone, yeah you really look like you've put on some weight (must be a survival mechanism).

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