Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogger comments

It appears that some of you are unable to leave comments on my blog. Since I cannot replicate the problem it has to be caused by something different between my set-up and yours. My currently theory is that non beta account cannot leave comments. i've notified blogger about that and we will see if they can offer a fix. In the mean time you can send your comments directly to my mailbox (most of you probably already know one or more of my e-mail address) otherwise you can send them to asaathi_at_highttemperaturemail_com replace what must obviously be replace with what it should.

EDIT: blogger as answered me and I was right you cannot leave comments on this blog with your old blogger account. once you have change to blogger beta everything will be all right.

To quote two chiness proverbs:
To prophesy is extremely difficult - especially with regard to the future.
When one got nothing to say one usually quote a chiness proverb.

Well that life for today, I'd rant about the comment my student gave me in class but since it what they usually say in the beging of the semester I'll leave you to imagine it. And no it's not: "Wow what a hot guy, are you single?" or "Hey come here often cause I want to have your baby." Surprisingly, you got to agree.

Finally yes, my logic and brain power seems to be tied to the number of working computer I own.

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