Thursday, September 28, 2006

On one hand...

I was surfing the BBC news website when I found this little tidbit of a news (pun intended). A scientific wants to make a new way to power our laptop using tiny (very tiny) gas engine. On one hand that would make for an interesting efficient power source for laptop but on the other hand, well gas engine have a few interesting side product. You know all those greenhouse gas, not to mention the CO produced that would be toxic to human (tho I doubt that a single laptop would produce enough to be a problem). The problem like for the car is one of scale, a few laptop is no problem for the earth, a few millions is getting annoying, lets not forget also that laptop tend to be used in closed space. That might makes having a few laptop working at a time to be an health hazard. An interesting area of research but I'm not sure it is such a great idea.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Well it seems somebody failed high school physics

I was reading my D20 future book when I came upon a gem of bad physic. After the wood that will not ever catch fire naturally of Dungeon and Dragon I present you the unstoppable space flying object. You see according to the rules of D20 future when in space you get a huge bonus to pick up or push things in space... providing you are not trying to stop them from moving. In short in that universe you can pick up half a ton in space but don't ever try to put it down. The explication for this is rather clever: an object loose it weight but not it's mass in space... so it kept it inertial when moving but you can get it moving really easily...

WRONG! inertia also applies to object at rest. For example if you would try to start a one ton block from moving in space you would push on it... and probably end up flying int he opposite direction. The force applied to an object is always it's mass time it acceleration (notice mass not weight) so if you push for 100N on a 1 ton blog well it probably wouldn't accelerate away from you (at least not significantly). I know you have to make abstraction to make a roleplaying game but come on at least make some that keep the universe working correctly!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Damn I hate being sick.

Well I think I've caught the flu (in the English senses of the word people please!) , I've been tired for the past few days and coughing lightly. However today it got worse and I've been feeling sick, well at least not like a dog. Wouldn't be that bad if I hadn't lot of cleaning up to do and if I didn't hate to feel tired. Oh well this too will pass as they say.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

New figuring I'd like to drop on my player

And that almost literaly. Wizard of the Coast (or priest of the Cost for those having to buy their books) have recently released two new miniatures for their minature game/RPG (dungeon and Dragon for those not in the know). The Gargantuan Black Dragon and the Colossal Red Dragon, the first one is big, but the second is just IMPRESSIVE! I can just imagine pulling that one out from behind the screen and hearing the player call out in desperation: "We RUN! no teleport out of here!" It would just be funny. The only problem is that I'm not yet geeky enough to buy it (or more importantly I still prefer to have a girlfriend over a figurine ;-) and rich enough it pretty expensive.

Democratie, tolerance and limits

Last night after my World War II GURPS game (sneaking a polish submarine past both British and German sub in 1940 is easy... when you are lucky), we had a little discussion about world politics. One of the conclusion we reached was that democratie might be dying because of one of it's strong point: tolerance of difference. Or more exactly the pushing back of the limits of tolerance, sure some limits of tolerance needs to be pushed back (because of society evolution and new understanding) some probably shouldn't.

One of the group we thought about abusing this limit pushing was religious extremist. Under the suggestion that we should respect their belief, they try to impose their belief upon us. They want to have the law of their religion replace or if it can't replace society's law they want their law to be superior to society's. Under the guise of religious tolerance we slowly must accept more and more law/politics that are against what we believe about. It's not something quick we slowly add a few right, a few permission that other do not have. Then the permission becomes an obligation for the other and pretty soon after what was once something we tolerated for a minority becomes something the majority has to has.

The problem, one of my friend exposed, is that you cannot discuss/negotiate with religious extremist, they are right. No argument from you or anyone else will convince them otherwise, at best they will say you are wrong and leave you be. At worse, well Jihad, crusade, inquisition, war or slavery. It's rare but I'm gonna take a page from France on what we might want to do: our society should be completely irreligious. Everything that is public, i.e provided by the society, should not accept any religions symbols or propaganda. No veil, no cross, no knife, no angel, no star of David, at least in public institution, if you want to create a private school where you can (or have to) wear such symbol, good but you have to prove that you do teach everything a school should teach and that you are not discriminating against people.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogger comments

It appears that some of you are unable to leave comments on my blog. Since I cannot replicate the problem it has to be caused by something different between my set-up and yours. My currently theory is that non beta account cannot leave comments. i've notified blogger about that and we will see if they can offer a fix. In the mean time you can send your comments directly to my mailbox (most of you probably already know one or more of my e-mail address) otherwise you can send them to asaathi_at_highttemperaturemail_com replace what must obviously be replace with what it should.

EDIT: blogger as answered me and I was right you cannot leave comments on this blog with your old blogger account. once you have change to blogger beta everything will be all right.

To quote two chiness proverbs:
To prophesy is extremely difficult - especially with regard to the future.
When one got nothing to say one usually quote a chiness proverb.

Well that life for today, I'd rant about the comment my student gave me in class but since it what they usually say in the beging of the semester I'll leave you to imagine it. And no it's not: "Wow what a hot guy, are you single?" or "Hey come here often cause I want to have your baby." Surprisingly, you got to agree.

Finally yes, my logic and brain power seems to be tied to the number of working computer I own.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My PC is dead and I've done my good deed for the day

Well it is official, my PC is dead. The diagnosis is simple: damage to the first memory slot. This cause it to be unable to read the first 64k of memory which prevent the computer from booting up. It also means that the cure for the problem is basically a new motherboard. Which since my motherboard is more then 6 years old: a new CPU and probably new memory. I don't have the money for that right now but now that I know I need a new one I can star to save and hopefully get one next year.

Now for my good deed, yep I'm bragging, but not really since I'm not sure I wasn't tricked. Well here is the story, a guy approch me on the street asking if he can ask me something. Of course I said yeah, the guy serve me a sad story about how he doesn't have money and he hasn't eaten in days. I offer him some change, but he said well couldn't you buy me something to drink or to eat. Since we were close to a grocery store I said sure. And by good deed was me buying him foods for at least a meal. I really hope the guy really needed the food but still even if he didn't at least I was nice...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another PC update

Well it appears my PC is dead. I tried a few things to isolate the problem and now it won't boot at all. It's giving me a three beep bios error code (meaning error in the first 64k of memory) however memory was relatively fine 1 hours ago... I'd guess that it is a sign that my motherboard has finally died... I'd try again probably during the week to fix the problem but I'm pretty much at the no hope level now. At least I still have my laptop, but it not that great for playing computers games.. being a laptop and all.

Damn PC update

Either all my memory is bad, my motherboard is fried or I have another problem that I cannot identify. Since most of my memory is brand new i think we can eliminate that possibility... in the next week I'm gonna concentrate on finding the damn problem. it will involved such nice things as updating my bios (if needed), and updating just about any driver I have on that thing. unfortunatly my pc can't stay online long enough for a download so I'll be doing a two step process with my laptop. joy. If any of you have any ideas please feel free to send them to me.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Congradulations are in order

Well even if they don't read the blog I'd like to congradulate Picollo's brother and her sister-in-law for the birth of their big little boy. I wish health and success in his life to come. I know he already has good parents ;-)

Friday, September 15, 2006

damn unreliable PC

Once again I have trouble with my PC again, and once again I can't seem to find someone that had the same problem or some post about an answer close to my problem. It appears to be either a memory problem, a virus problem or an unidentified hardware problem. The first and last are really annoying I'm guessing I'll have to buy another computer in the next year or so. That really annoying but I guess I won't have any choice.. it was due to be replace soon but still I'd had prefered to be the one to decide to change it not the hardware. Oh well I guess that when I have a new computer I'd be able to start my projet of making a computer into a proxy server for my home network, always see the good side no?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shooting in Montreal

Yesterday you probably hear a sick individual apparently decided to shoot at people in one of Montreal college. Like most people I cannot understand what would drive someone to such an action and I can only offer my sympathies and prayers to the parents and friends of the victims.

Now I hope that the action of this individual will not be used to star a new crusade again something. We know now that he liked Metal music and that he was a goth, like millions of other people that do not kill other. He liked guns, so do a few millions peoples that never went into a college to kill anyone. He saw violence on TV... well you get the ideas. Millions of people live life close or almost identical to his, it is not society fault that he acted the way he acted, he was 25 years old, his action are his responsibility.

We should not seek to put the blame on something beside himself. We should only hope he doesn't inspire anyone with this action.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This should please some of my reader, apparently someone in the fashion industry finally understood that thinner doesn't mean more beautifull. It seems that the Madrid fashion is using BMI (body mass index) to screen model those falling into the too skinny line being forbidden from walking the runway. This is a great news (at least in my opinion) for it shows that the weight concern is moving toward health away from thinness. Some would argue that we still won't see "average" woman as fashion models but at least it is a step in the right direction and we might finally be able to look at fashion model without trying to count their ribs.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006

Pope Palpatine talks about Canada

Our "beloved" new pope Palpatine as decided today to talk about Canada and it's law. As you can see here in this french news bulletin he doesn't agree with Canadian law on abortion and gay wedding. Saying that they are a separation of church and state basically, well DA! Canada is a secular country and even if religion and "god" have good values that can inspire law they are not the basic of our law and they have no authority on our laws either. I might not agree with the gay wedding law (because of it's wording not because of it's nature) but I'm canadian, I take exception at foreign people using their "authority" to try and change our public laws or laws.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quite a few rant.

My first rant today is about my work, the damn software don't seem to work like I want it too and I don't understand why.. well actually that would be a rant against my own stupidity since I can figure out how to make things work the way I want them.... why is very very very ironic since while writing the previous sentence I suddenly understood what was wrong and how to solve it.

My second rant will be about how I don't have time to write about half of what I want to write on my blog. damn I had just about something to write everyday since Friday and yet nothing has ever reached the blog... it annoys me. I had "stories" I wanted to tell but that now seems insignificant.

My third rant: The application of the word terrorism to any legitimate, uniform wearing, tank deploying, plane possessing military force in the world. In my opinion if you can know at a glance that the person is a soldier or that you are facing military personnel you are not facing terrorist. One cannot say for example that Canadian solider in Afghanistan are terrorist, everyone there knows that they are solider waging a war. A terrorist on the other hand is the unknown element, you never know if you next door neighbors might be one (see Arlington Road) also their tactic are clearly different, most of the time the military goal is to destroy tactical and strategical target (industrial complex, military base, airports, troops) while terrorist usually target civilian (market, bus, places of business, church). I think it's easy to make a distinction and that using terrorist to referee to "legitimate" military is a desperate argument of someone opposed to the war. They can't find any more logical reason so they fall down to name calling. Little note, I'm not saying that being again a war is wrong, just that they have to find better argument than our soldier are terrorist, particularly when those same soldier are getting killed for a mission they voted for. (yes I'm looking at you NPD)

Here for a forth rant: the public transportation in Quebec, damn it stop making larger garages for you buses and get more buses for the users! I want to be able to sit "comfortably" in a bus no matter the time of the day, yes that means that on peak hours their should be a LOT more buses out. If you don't have money for more drivers you certainly have no money for a new garage.

Can I go for five rant? of course I can! You know what bugs me right now? the lack of good games on my computer, I want a good SF game not related to a first person shooter or a strategy game I need a space RPG on my computer. Or better yet a new X-wing like space fight simulator, that would really be fun.

And for a sixth rant, I lost a player in my Monday game, he decided he doesn't want to play with that gang of people anymore... but since he is the only one beside me that wants to be the game master and I don't want to be a game master all the time I want to play sometimes. Maybe I need a new group... or new friends.. preferably single girl.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A camera does not add ten pounds at least not in the pictures

Well after picollo's comment on my last post I must really talk about this myth that camera add ten pounds to people. While it is true that a ten pound camera will indeed add 10 pounds to the person wearing it it as nothing to do with it's pictures capability and fattening potential.

Also it is true that in some situation because of the smaller field of view and screwed up perceptive you might think you appear larger. But it is appearance only, if measurement were taken from the picture with things you could correctly measure it would be clear that you are not in fact any thinner or bigger then in reality. A camera is only a set of lens and a detector that records how photon impact it. If the lens does not make everything look bigger (or everything in a area of the lens) it will not make you look bigger. In short if the chair next to you in the picture appears correctly proportioned then well you are too no matter how fat you look.

Probably the only reason this myth endure is that people like to thing of themselves as thinner then they are actually (I include myself in this you know) and that being struck with an image of how they really are is something they do not want to agree with. And I guess that most people prefer to say the camera adds ten pound then to tell someone, yeah you really look like you've put on some weight (must be a survival mechanism).

Talk about screwed up.

Well I was just forwarded a link, please go visit it before reading the rest of the post I will wait.

Back? good... now the first thing that comes to mind is WHAT THE FRACK!!! What kind of screwed up society would invent such a thing (ok that not exactly true, it has been invented way before since it is only a pixel manipulation thing) and make it widespread. I have a thing again obesity but I have an even bigger thing against stupidity. Just because your making yourself look thinner on picture doesn't mean you actual are! Beside how can someone who took his own picture and slimmed himself (or herself) actually believe he is thinner??

Also as someone who use dating site, I fear this technology will only bring more deceit and lies into the online dating process. Just imagine the lies that will be posted and supported thanks to this. It will be a source of one more false expectation created by the process of online dating (not the first and that probably the main problem of online dating) but come on.

I think that you cannot love someone before you accept (or even love) yourself and those self delusion tools are only promoting vanity and decadence. As well as promoting the opinion that thinness is more beautiful for everyone. Yeah I know it kinda of hypocritical of me to say that since I prefer thin woman but I don't expect everyone to have the same taste I do.. in fact I hope it's not the case.