Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What the heck!

Well this isn't something really stupid or shocking so it doesn't deserve a what the hell. But after looking at part of the musiqueplus (french low quality MTV) website (no you cannot ask why I was doing that) I found that musiqueplus made an online dating site. Now ok I can understand the gimmick for Ztele (a french sci-fi chanel) making a "geek/nerds" oriented dating site and even found the idea funny. But now if this channel dating site gets more widespread it probably will get sick, a CNN dating site? how about a history channel dating site for those living in the past? Why oh why are television executive so short on interesting new innovative ideas that they have to repeat everything remotely interesting that is done by another channel (well, technically I guess since the owner for both is probably the same in Quebec it not another channel but you get my point).

As I said I understand the whole geek/nerds angle for a sci-fi network, but musiqueplus the network that wonders if it should still air music?

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