Thursday, August 17, 2006

The war on terrorism

The recent alleged bombing plot stopped in London made me think quite a bit about the current war on terrorism. I am very impressed with the efficiency of the world security forces who up to now have stopped just in time just about every terrorist plot. Call me sarcastic but this amazing efficiency sound fishy to me. I might be wrong but it does sound more like propaganda then actual terrorism stopped. The way I see it some government's need the threat of terrorism to maintain or receive power over their population. I also look at the result from those arrest and I find that surprisingly few verdict have been reached. It is still too soon to say that things are dragging on but with the amongst of proof and the urgency of the situation described by the media I would have thing that a conclusion could be reached fast.

In a way what worries me is that the threat of terrorism is almost as effective as an actual act of terrorism to scare people. In a way to scare the population into giving you power you don't need to have another 9/11 just say that you stopped another one... I'm not saying that any of the stopped terror plot where false but the possibility they might all be propaganda is scary.


yofed said...

Ouin... let's say... that no liquid onboard really sucks though, since I was counting on water for my son to drink during take off, to help his ears... and they refused to give him any until the usual time, after everyone is safe in the air... it's not his fault if he doesn't drink formula or breast milk... he still needs something to help pop his little ears!!!

anyflower said...

Why not see it as a capitalist mean to sell more beverages on planes since people will ask for more (as they can't bring any). I see that coming soon: we'll have to pay even for water onboard!

P.S: I thought juice for the kids were accepted if you could taste it before... I may have been wrong and that's too bad. I really think any drink should be available if you can taste it. Why would that be suitable only for baby drinks?