Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vanity sizes

The memoirs of a Skepchick blog lead me to an interesting story by another skepchick blogger, Wendy about vanity sizing in woman clothing.

This is something I have always found puzzeling, why are women size abstract value like 0, 14 or 245 (ok maybe not up to 245)? Wouldn't it be simpler to have straight value like we do in men clothing (a 32 waist means that the waist of the jean is 32 inches)? And it would prevent that current trend of vanity sizing the clothe... ok for those of you who didn't click on the link (and because I want to say something about the trend ) Vanity sizing is the weird idea of making larger clothe with a smaller tag (for exemple make something for a size 8 and label it a size 2) just so the woman buying it will fell better about herself.

The idea is ridiculous, imagine if the trend continu they will have to invent negative size (or go with highter multiple of zero like 0000 or 00000000000000 size) to fit the normal (arguably since average person in america is overweight) and thin woman. While wearing a small size might make the woman feel better for a few minutes everyone else still sees her like she really is. Even if the designer vanity sizing got down to calling size 245 size 0, I'm pretty sure the person gravitational pull would remind everyone that she is not thin at all. The way I see it, it is more then time that woman clothes come with easy, clear to read, objective measurement value. If the skirt as a 28 inch waist then say that don't say it a size X (according to the report that was size 8 previously now is size 2) say it's 28 inch. Woman know (or will learn) how to measure themself and while it might be bad for a few egos it's probably better in the long run.

People will have to choose either accept that they wear 200 inch wide skirt or take step to change it. It's a win win situation and is probably a good step in the fight against obesity.


yofed said...

My opinion? I don't really care! Jeans are labeled the same way as men's and if the rest of the clothes are in medium, large, small, or in numbers, who cares! I'm a size whatever, probably 8 or 10 and do you really think the number makes a difference in my life? I'm a freaking mother, so even if I have some hips on me, who the F*** cares!

yofed said...

Oh, and once upon a time, I was so skinny that size 2 was too big for me... do I think they must make some smaller? Not at all... many people that skinny are very image conscious, so they might gain a few pounds to fit in clothes that will actually fit, unless they have enough money to have them adjusted... we should pour the fat from obese people into skinny people, maybe, and have only one size clothes? What about that?

asaathi said...

Once size doesn't fit anyone? you've been in the military too long yofed ;-)