Saturday, August 26, 2006

Starship Trooper, the book

I just bought and read the Starship Trooper book (not a book based on the movie but the book from which the movie allegedly came from) by Robert A. Heinlein. It is a really great book, much better of course then the movies. but not just in the usual book better then movie way. As you might remember the movie it was about a facist society that used outrageous propaganda to keep it population in a war. It censors cruelty to animals while showing attrocity done to the human race. It send thousands of soldier to their death for pointless reason and it's controled by former gun crazy military that are obviously inspired by the Nazi.

The book however shows a much more intriguing society where citezen ship must be earned by services to the states, be it military or otherwise depending on individual capability. It follows the trial and raise through the rank of one soldier as he understand the reason behind the society and how it rose from the failure of our own. I really found the commentary on "failure" of our society to be interesting. It basically say that the problem with our full democratic system is that everyone can vote without having to understand what votes means or to understand the sacrifice necessary for a socity society to work.

It also makes many comentary about how violence are part of human nature and that denying it is denying a part of ourself... well I'm not sure I agree with that but the comments about punishement and crime is interesting. Anyway all in all it is a great book and should be read if only to discuss the ideas.

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