Sunday, August 27, 2006

Returning to seeking a girl

Well I should return to seeking a girlfriend (or maybe just a date) but that would mean returning to dating website or changing a lot of my habits... For example I would have to go out more but then again going out again alone wouldn't be too good for getting a girl. What I need is a wing man or knowing a girl that know lots of cute, intelligent single girl.. hmm lets see if I can see anyone fitting either of those criteria.. nope no, I've got to more friend or more girl to be friend with. Either that or register again to dating web site... I really don't feel like doing that since I've been quite unsuccessfully there in the recent pass. Well that not exactly honest I have meet great girl from those web site, I dated one for more then 3 years after all, but I don't know if I could find someone.. or more exactly I don't know if I can write a nice profile to get any girl. Oh well when I'm less drunk I'll look at my option again.

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Piccolo said...

I can't really help you in finding a girl, I admit it. I could have a friend here very interesting, but I don't think you're her kind if guy and she is maybe to big for you... But, for your dating sites... I think if you just stay naturel, the asaathi I know, girls could be interest. Just stay you and don't try to push your luck!