Monday, August 21, 2006

Obesity is not relative

I was reading news on the SRC web site and I found this news tidbit about Canadian parent and children obesity. 9% of the parents think their children are fat, while in reality 26% are, and their is the very distinc possibility that in those 9% some aren't fat but that their parent have a screwed perception of health and obesity. Personally I think the problem might be more and more kids are overweight making parents who compare their kids with the other think that they are normal or at worse have a little too much fat that will vanish when they get older. This is a very serious problem, just as serious as boulemia or anorexia, children are in danger of very serious degerative uncurable disease.

Oh, and while i belive it's probably not the child fault if they are obese (they should not have 100% control over what they eat) i still belive that it is the parent fault in part, remember carbage in carbage out principle.

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