Monday, August 07, 2006

Now who is picky

Reading Yofed comment on my last post I had only one thing to say: AHAH you're pickier then me! Yep according to this comment their are only 5 people in the world she finds sexy while "I" on the other hand know I find at least 7 thousand women sexy in QUEBEC only! So if we take the same statistic and applies it to the world population (that for convinience sake we will approximate to 7 billion) that means I would find at least 7 million women sexy in the world! Now who is picky? the guy who find 7 milion women or the woman that find exactly 2 guy and 3 girl sexy? Yofed you have lost the privilige of calling my standard for a girlfriend high and to complain that they prevent me from finding someone nah. Your honor (yes of course their is a judge presiding this trial what did you think I was an amater?) I think I have proven that Yofed is pickier then me and as her former accusation damaged my self-esteem and reputation I ask that the court give me compensation! Thank you your honor.

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yofed said...

SO funny! Remember, to me it is best not to find too many people sexy, since I am already taken. When I was single, I was less picky! :)