Monday, August 14, 2006

No catchy title.

Well I couldn't find a catchy title for this post but anyway I think it will be pretty instresting (at least for me to write it.) For years we have been told that money was slowly replacing religion in many people mind . But this article on skepchick magazin illustrate just how crazy it as become. Come on using religion's tactic to get people to enroll in a pyramid scheme. That is really getting desperate and dangerous.

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anyflower said...

"people shouting back slogans and buzzwords was all geared towards a basic goal: make the audience feel that they are part of a select group, smarter than the rest, able to see an opportunity when it comes, and feel a sense of euphoria about it. "

It reminds me of a place I visited in Ottawa 3 years ago. They had gotten my personal info through a bridal salon (where they trade your info for a pile of samples and buisness cards...) and called me to invite me to a meeting on a saturday afternoon. Reading that article brought all that back to me. The company was selling 5 years of membership for 3000$ CAN and that membership allowed me to shop directly from hardware companies to buy home supplies (from kitchen appliances to hardwood floors). Had I really planned to renovate the house I was buying and seeing the prices shown in the catalogues, it all seemed a "fair price" but the way everything was presented seemed like a big propaganda. We were first shown a 1h video on how wonderful that opportunity was (you can imagine how cheesy it was) and then we could go all over the showroom and look at the catalogues, getting estimates for some products we might like to have. But 3k is still alot of money so my ex an I refused to join. Guess what: we were told that because we missed that opportunity, we could'nt take it again for the next 7 years! Yes, you heard me right. There has to be a catch there. I wish I could go again just to find every bug and expose it to the public room. Anyway, that was my experience of those "religion-like" sales buisness.