Saturday, August 05, 2006

My computer need a memory transplant

Well after my powersupply died and I bought another I thought my computer was saved from the dept of death. Unfortunatly mister Murphy had another plan for me. You see when I finally managed to get my comptuer working (because of course the hard driver suffered a little confusion in the crashes) it is unusually slow (and by unusually slow I mean dead turtle could have outran the electron moving throught there). After a few minutes of research i found that half my memory didn't register anymore, well it's the half that was "damaged" 6 years ago so I had expected it to fail someday... but still I'd have prefered for it not to happen. So at the moment my pc is close to dead, moving at crawling speed throught data while I wait for the RAM I ordered to arrive (in under a week according to the salesman, but I don't belive salesman anymore). In the mean time please wait a few more days for my pictures to be ready to be displayed and you to be amased by my trip :-)

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yofed said...

Quit computers. Get 7 of 9.