Friday, August 25, 2006

Look a new link!->

Ahah Made you look! Well apparently another of my friend who happens to be Piccolo's husband as started a new blog. So please visit him and poke at his post until he post some more. Apparently he consider himself an idiot or is planning to get an idot to write his blog for him since it it entitle A Tale Told by an Idiot. I'm not someone that likes to argue with people but I have to say I don't belive him to be an idiot, a little slow at playing games (45 minutes for a first turn at Magic:the Gathering, that certainly deserving of mention) but certainly not an idiot.
Beside like our estimeed former prime minister Jean Chrétien would say: "He's not an idiot he is my friend!" (well ok the correct quote would be: He's not a morron he is my friend")

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