Thursday, August 24, 2006

A litter solar system?

After much deliberation the International Astronomical Union decided to lower the weight of the solar system by dropping Pluto from the planet rooster. This moves came after much deliberation about the future of alien tourism into our part of the Milky Way. They found with much mathematical (apparently done with as much skills as mine) that the significant increase of weight amongst the inhabitant of Earth would lead in 20 years to the total weight of the solar system increasing by as much as 30%. To keep our system a lean and fit one they had no other choice then to perform a planetomie and removes at least 1 planet from the list of those contabilized for our weight.

It is with much sadness that they let go of USA planetary child found in 1930 but it was a decision that had to be made before our system got so insanely fat that it couldn't even move through the milky way. Leading astrologer where heard commenting: "We knew all along you shouldn't include pluti in astrological computation but being people we made the mistake of listened to liberal no brain scientist and it does explain why one 1/4 of our prediction actually came through since 1932. We are now convinced that astrology will regain it's status as a reliable science since we will only be using facts and true planets"

Already our publicist in the rest of the galaxy are starting an aggressive add campaign featuring our leaner system with the slogan: The New Earth and Solar system now with 10% less fat!

[On a side less humorous notes, I'd like to point out that the removal of Pluto from planetary status does not change the weight of the solar system (even if Pluto isn't a planet it is still part of the solar system, and even if somehow that removed Pluto from the solar system it,s mass is too insignificant to change anything to it's mass). Likewise with the increased waist line of our fellow humans, even the 6 billions of us together are no where close to astronomical body mass. To be perfectly honest the mass of our solar system can be approximated to the mass of the sun without much loss in precision (even Jupiter, the largest planet in our system, weight only about 1/1000 of sun.)]

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yofed said...

As long as Earth is still considered a planet, my son is fine (I'll explain in a short post, soone enough!)