Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The leader of the Party Quebecois as finally been elected

André Boisclair the leader of the Party Quebecois in Quebec as finally been elected by the population. Previously he had only be elected to his post of leader by the member of the party and wasn't even a elected representative in Quebec, which meant he couldn't argue directly politics and law with the majority party. Now some could be impress that he managed to get 70% of the vote (70,8% to be exact) and say that it is a sign that Quebecer want change in their governement. I'm not saying Quebecer don't want change in gouvernement, but I'd like to point out that the two other major party didn't present a candidate to oppose mister Boisclair. In short he was alone and won the race... how surprising, clearly a sign of a desire by the Quebecer to change everything and return to Party Quebecois leadership. Couldn't be clearer no?

I said before I don't trust the guy, he admited to taking coke while he was in an official elected gouvernement office. That shows a lack of judgement that is simply scary. the ideas he presented before are completly opposed to my own and his insistance to make Quebec a souverain country basically makes me want to vote for someone else party... anyone else party.


anyflower said...

I think my disdain for all quebec's political parties will really get me out of the province very soon. I feel like I can't even vote for someone I trust or agree with. How scary is that? Now I have good reasons to move to Ontario: 2) boyfriend is from there and lives there, 2) my salary would be much more higher and 3) my skills as a clinical nurse specialist would be recognised by the government.

asaathi said...

is there a downside? in short what is keeping you in quebec if all seems so much better in Ontario?

yofed said...

And I might end up there too in a few years... never in Quebec! lol