Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Completly single again...

Well you remember the sweet 18 year old that gave me her number at my friend wedding? Well we've been dating for a while (well technically 2 month but since she's been away for 1 of those two month less say 1 month). And well we are not dating anymore, during her 1 month absence she found that her feeling for me had change and that she would rather keep me as a friend then continue dating me (story of my life in a way.) I'm waiting for a proof of that continue as a friend thing, my experience with that is less then stellar so I don't have much hope.

Anyway I don't feel too down about it, it just give me more opportunity to meet woman and keep my astronomically high standard from being meet ;-p At least I had a good diner with her while we discussed her feeling and mine and how our dating as come to an end. I hope I can keep her as a friend as she is fun to be around but well the ball is in her court now. So if you know any woman that would meet my standard sent them my way!

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yofed said...

Congratulations! :) At least, it's true you are great as a friend!