Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yesterday, I cried.

Yesterday I received piccolo's e-mail and then piccolo's brother phone call telling me the dreadful news of little J's passing, it came as such a surprise that at first I was too stunned to say or think anything. I made yesterday's post thinking that a moment of silences to contemplate, remember and send my prayers for his parents and family was the only thing I could do. After my evening when I had finally digested the news I cried. I had only seen little J twice before his passing but he surely made an impression on me, I remember his eyes shining when he was seeing his mother, his smile widening when his favorite baby DVD first scene appeared on the tv, his stubborn refusal to be put on his stomach when everyone was on the other side gazing and laughing at him, his cute little laugh but most of all I remember how loving and devoted his parent where to him.

Piccolo and Stormcrow are good parents, even when they felt down or things were rough they never were anything less then devoted to little J. I remember the first time I meet Little J, it was in my apartment and Piccolo keep pushing Loup away just to be sure that he would not wake/bother her little sleeping bundle of Joy. I remember her talking proudly of her husband making up pet name for little J (who could forget little gems like Obi-wan littleJ and Littlejonaute [pet name changed to preserve web anonymity]), I remember him patiently cleaning up and caring for the little guy whenever there where needs.

All I'm trying to say is Stormcrow, Piccolo, if you need one more ear to listen or one my person to talk with am there, a phone call or an instant message away. I'm sending you my sincere condolences and all my sympathies and I shall be praying for you in this time of terrible lost.

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