Saturday, July 22, 2006

Really leaving

Finally I'm at a place with Internet access (the Montreal airport that I criticised so much last year finally as finished it's modernisation and finally has a wireless network). Up to now my trip as been pretty uneventful, well you can imagine that a 3h15 minutes bus trip followed by another 30 minutes bus trip would be kinda uneventful. I watch the last Stargate Atlantis Episode and an anime OVA to pass the time... leaving me with nothing to watch when I'll be back in a few weeks. But it doesn't really matter I'll buy a dvd if worse come to pass. Right now I am waiting for my 22h20 flight with apparently quite a few people. I have no picture to sent you yet since it is raining and it is night and while a pictures of a flash into a window might appeal to some of you it doesn't really appeals to me.

Aside from that there are a few things on my mind right now, my first thought is strangely of the girl I am dating and that I haven't seen in the last two weeks. I wonder how she is going and how things will be when she gets back (since she will get back a few weeks after I do.. yeah I like waiting it seems). Next I think about my cat that has been left with my parent, while I know he is in good hand I miss the little guy, if I was sure they wouldn't try to eat him anywhere in my trip I'd consider bringing him over. Last, but not least I'm thinking about my trip, you know the usual what if something ad happen, will something annoying happen and cause me to miss a flight (with the amazingly long connexion I have I doubt it) and if my english will suddenly fail me and make me looks like I stupid person when I am in England. hey don't laught I miss pronounced just about every words I said last time I spoke english in Quebec city. I'm pretty sure it won't be the case but hey a guy can worry when he as nothing else to do. Which makes me wonder now what will I do in my connexion in London. I have over 6 hours to kill and I'm not sure I want to pay for more wireless access. I know I'll write something more for my story blog.. or maybe I'll write just for myself. I know I'll find something to keep busy!

Oh and BTW there is a lot of people arriving at Montreal airport, particularly from Lebanon and Liban, I wish those Canadian citizen a good luck here and I hope the situation there improve soon.

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