Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the soul of Great Britain

After the british invasion witness the Starbuck invasion.. yep I've seen more starbuck then I have seen airport in great britain.. ok I've only seen two airport but you would have expected that those two airport would not host more then 2 starbuck no? Aside from that everything cost an arm and a leg... yep I'll come back lacking at least one of each... well figuritively of course. Still no pictures as I am sure you do not care about my constant walk throught the airports. Not to mention that my flight to tenerife as been delayed by 2 hours while my flight from Montreal came in half an hours early (ironically about 15 minutes before the flight that left 1hours before...) So bascally I'm only paying for wireless network because I am bored out of my mind. And honestly airport aren't that much fun to be in. Oh well see you next time I have internet acces.

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Piccolo said...

Have a nice trip body! Ho, Anf this time, can you bring me back something??? PPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!