Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The doomsday clock is ticking

The doomsday clock a scientist fabrication that figuratively measure how close we are to a nuclear apocalypse is still ticking. It as been stuck at 7 to midnight (and apocalypse) since 2002 but with the increasing threat of North Korea ballistic missiles and Iran desperate bid to get the bomb we could see the time we have left lowering soon. You might have heard that today North Korea tested some 5 missiles, two of which where supposed to be long range, ballistic capable missile. What does that mean? missile that can hit the US (and of course Canada, but when those thing carry nuclear warhead who cares where on the continent they hit...) Now as can be expected from the US and most of the world, people are scared, people are unhappy and some people are increasing their military readiness. Now, the test failed the two missiles suffered problem some 40 seconds after take off but still, it got people very nervous. And with North Korea menacing to nuke everyone if anyone does a preemptive strike (which is a logical move in a way.. except their is the very significant possibility that North Korea as not working nuke) let just say that people are a little tense.

I sincerely hope everyone keep their head cool and no one goes for the War (or worse the nuke war) solution.

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