Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Well I might have just lost one of my computer to yesterday's thunderstorm aftermath. You see last night I had a game so I left my usual way which mean with my computer open doing whatever I set it up to do at the time (checking my e-mails and basically nothing else last night). Now we had sever thunderstorm that caused a blackout. Up to here nothing that would have damaged my computer... but then in the process of restoring power we had several "flashes" of electricity which caused my computer to reboot (or more accurately start the rebooting process) and have it power cut off. I don't know how many time it happened since i was not there but I know it happened at least 3 times before I got to unplug the computer. Now this morning when the power went back up I tried to restart my computer... and yes you guessed it: nothing happened, not a single fan started moving not a single light came on. Something seems to be broken. So tonight I try to find the exact problem and see what I can do.. my guesses right now are it either: the power on button that broken (as if!), the power supply that is toast (god I hope so) or something on the motherboard that fried (which means a new computer for me.. in a few years when I have the money grrr.. I need my pc).

Needless to say I'm not in a good mood today, my computer his toast, i couldn't sleep well the last two days because of the heat and humidity and the girl i'm dating is away for a few weeks. Luckily my observations in the Canaries island are coming up fast, still with the way things are going right now my planes are going to be hijacked by christian fundamentalist wishing to stop the teaching of evolution.

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anyflower said...

Wow, that sucks totally! I really hope it's the power supply too. As for the button, it's a very fragile thing and can't be changed by itself. Broken button is usually a new box = 150$ (80$ if you are lucky). Got that problem myself a few years ago. Well, good luck with all that.