Monday, July 03, 2006

Ad for dating sites...

I was watching some movies at and their was an ad for a dating/sex meeting site (adultfriendfiender to be exact). Now this site usually advertise by having pictures of women in "your" region that have sexy pictures. So I look at the ad (well come on I am a guy you expect me not to look at sexy women when the movies is loading) and I burst out laughing... there are three women in the ad, first one is a 24 years old from beauport, the second one is an 18 years old from Ste-foy and the is 22 from Levis.. now no problem except for one thing, the pictures for the first and second one are exactly the same... as in same pose, same hair, same eyes, same everything! I was going to give them the benefits of the doubt but it picked my curiosity and I decided I was gonna find those two person (or this one person) on their site... and well I couldn't. I still find it funny.

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