Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At the top of the montain[still no picture]

After a short no wireless connection delay here come a post from the top of mount Splashmore oups not Splashmore but from the top of de la Rocho del Muchachos. Everything as been great up to now (except my hotel last night which was too hot, no AC in a tropical climate is hell.) La Palma is still a great looking place and I had time to enjoy a local fresh fish for diner last night.. hmm very good. With way too much pink wine since my co-observer didn't drink any. Well more news latter this week or this night or whenever.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the soul of Great Britain

After the british invasion witness the Starbuck invasion.. yep I've seen more starbuck then I have seen airport in great britain.. ok I've only seen two airport but you would have expected that those two airport would not host more then 2 starbuck no? Aside from that everything cost an arm and a leg... yep I'll come back lacking at least one of each... well figuritively of course. Still no pictures as I am sure you do not care about my constant walk throught the airports. Not to mention that my flight to tenerife as been delayed by 2 hours while my flight from Montreal came in half an hours early (ironically about 15 minutes before the flight that left 1hours before...) So bascally I'm only paying for wireless network because I am bored out of my mind. And honestly airport aren't that much fun to be in. Oh well see you next time I have internet acces.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Really leaving

Finally I'm at a place with Internet access (the Montreal airport that I criticised so much last year finally as finished it's modernisation and finally has a wireless network). Up to now my trip as been pretty uneventful, well you can imagine that a 3h15 minutes bus trip followed by another 30 minutes bus trip would be kinda uneventful. I watch the last Stargate Atlantis Episode and an anime OVA to pass the time... leaving me with nothing to watch when I'll be back in a few weeks. But it doesn't really matter I'll buy a dvd if worse come to pass. Right now I am waiting for my 22h20 flight with apparently quite a few people. I have no picture to sent you yet since it is raining and it is night and while a pictures of a flash into a window might appeal to some of you it doesn't really appeals to me.

Aside from that there are a few things on my mind right now, my first thought is strangely of the girl I am dating and that I haven't seen in the last two weeks. I wonder how she is going and how things will be when she gets back (since she will get back a few weeks after I do.. yeah I like waiting it seems). Next I think about my cat that has been left with my parent, while I know he is in good hand I miss the little guy, if I was sure they wouldn't try to eat him anywhere in my trip I'd consider bringing him over. Last, but not least I'm thinking about my trip, you know the usual what if something ad happen, will something annoying happen and cause me to miss a flight (with the amazingly long connexion I have I doubt it) and if my english will suddenly fail me and make me looks like I stupid person when I am in England. hey don't laught I miss pronounced just about every words I said last time I spoke english in Quebec city. I'm pretty sure it won't be the case but hey a guy can worry when he as nothing else to do. Which makes me wonder now what will I do in my connexion in London. I have over 6 hours to kill and I'm not sure I want to pay for more wireless access. I know I'll write something more for my story blog.. or maybe I'll write just for myself. I know I'll find something to keep busy!

Oh and BTW there is a lot of people arriving at Montreal airport, particularly from Lebanon and Liban, I wish those Canadian citizen a good luck here and I hope the situation there improve soon.

Friday, July 21, 2006

ah the torment of astrophysics

Well once again my job as an astronomy student force me to make unbelievably high sacrifices. Yes you see I will soon have to leave for a 9 day trip to the canaries island. I know I know such sacrifices I make for my work ;-) but well I lawyer is telling me that if I continue to "complain" about the trip some people my stop liking me so I'll stop (actually the word she used are justifiable homicide but hey who's splitting hair?) So I'll see when and if I can post anything (probably pictures ;-) and in the means time just remember to enjoy yourself. cause I sure know I'll be enjoying myself!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

[censored title]

Well I might have just lost one of my computer to yesterday's thunderstorm aftermath. You see last night I had a game so I left my usual way which mean with my computer open doing whatever I set it up to do at the time (checking my e-mails and basically nothing else last night). Now we had sever thunderstorm that caused a blackout. Up to here nothing that would have damaged my computer... but then in the process of restoring power we had several "flashes" of electricity which caused my computer to reboot (or more accurately start the rebooting process) and have it power cut off. I don't know how many time it happened since i was not there but I know it happened at least 3 times before I got to unplug the computer. Now this morning when the power went back up I tried to restart my computer... and yes you guessed it: nothing happened, not a single fan started moving not a single light came on. Something seems to be broken. So tonight I try to find the exact problem and see what I can do.. my guesses right now are it either: the power on button that broken (as if!), the power supply that is toast (god I hope so) or something on the motherboard that fried (which means a new computer for me.. in a few years when I have the money grrr.. I need my pc).

Needless to say I'm not in a good mood today, my computer his toast, i couldn't sleep well the last two days because of the heat and humidity and the girl i'm dating is away for a few weeks. Luckily my observations in the Canaries island are coming up fast, still with the way things are going right now my planes are going to be hijacked by christian fundamentalist wishing to stop the teaching of evolution.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yes but some people...

Their is a argument in the world that I really find annoying, the yes but a minority needs to be "controlled/protected/saved/can't deal with it/don't understand" argument. It comes up in just about every argument about rules and/or society and usually to excuse why a "common sense" rules exist or why we need something we don't really need. While I do agree that some people are indeed like that (that they need additional rule/punishment to live in society or follow it rule) I find it frustrating that we as a society are always limiting our self because of a few. Wouldn't it be easier to just have a common sense law like: "if you don't follow common sense your gonna be punished"? I really don't think it is possible but it really annoys me to see all the limitation we put on our self because of that minority.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Religion does not mean morality

I read a very interesting article on Memoirs of a Skepchick blog, basically saying what I have been thinking for a long while about the relation between religion and morality. Life without god (or any other higher authority) is not meaningless nor is it morally ambiguous. I do not believe the threat of damnation or punishment or whatever else is the best way to teach people to respect each other.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yesterday, I cried.

Yesterday I received piccolo's e-mail and then piccolo's brother phone call telling me the dreadful news of little J's passing, it came as such a surprise that at first I was too stunned to say or think anything. I made yesterday's post thinking that a moment of silences to contemplate, remember and send my prayers for his parents and family was the only thing I could do. After my evening when I had finally digested the news I cried. I had only seen little J twice before his passing but he surely made an impression on me, I remember his eyes shining when he was seeing his mother, his smile widening when his favorite baby DVD first scene appeared on the tv, his stubborn refusal to be put on his stomach when everyone was on the other side gazing and laughing at him, his cute little laugh but most of all I remember how loving and devoted his parent where to him.

Piccolo and Stormcrow are good parents, even when they felt down or things were rough they never were anything less then devoted to little J. I remember the first time I meet Little J, it was in my apartment and Piccolo keep pushing Loup away just to be sure that he would not wake/bother her little sleeping bundle of Joy. I remember her talking proudly of her husband making up pet name for little J (who could forget little gems like Obi-wan littleJ and Littlejonaute [pet name changed to preserve web anonymity]), I remember him patiently cleaning up and caring for the little guy whenever there where needs.

All I'm trying to say is Stormcrow, Piccolo, if you need one more ear to listen or one my person to talk with am there, a phone call or an instant message away. I'm sending you my sincere condolences and all my sympathies and I shall be praying for you in this time of terrible lost.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Farewell Little J, I hope you enjoy heaven as much as you made us enjoy Earth

[This post is intentionally left blank in memory of Little J, son of Piccolo and Stormcrow]

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The doomsday clock is ticking

The doomsday clock a scientist fabrication that figuratively measure how close we are to a nuclear apocalypse is still ticking. It as been stuck at 7 to midnight (and apocalypse) since 2002 but with the increasing threat of North Korea ballistic missiles and Iran desperate bid to get the bomb we could see the time we have left lowering soon. You might have heard that today North Korea tested some 5 missiles, two of which where supposed to be long range, ballistic capable missile. What does that mean? missile that can hit the US (and of course Canada, but when those thing carry nuclear warhead who cares where on the continent they hit...) Now as can be expected from the US and most of the world, people are scared, people are unhappy and some people are increasing their military readiness. Now, the test failed the two missiles suffered problem some 40 seconds after take off but still, it got people very nervous. And with North Korea menacing to nuke everyone if anyone does a preemptive strike (which is a logical move in a way.. except their is the very significant possibility that North Korea as not working nuke) let just say that people are a little tense.

I sincerely hope everyone keep their head cool and no one goes for the War (or worse the nuke war) solution.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ad for dating sites...

I was watching some movies at www.wimps.com and their was an ad for a dating/sex meeting site (adultfriendfiender to be exact). Now this site usually advertise by having pictures of women in "your" region that have sexy pictures. So I look at the ad (well come on I am a guy you expect me not to look at sexy women when the movies is loading) and I burst out laughing... there are three women in the ad, first one is a 24 years old from beauport, the second one is an 18 years old from Ste-foy and the is 22 from Levis.. now no problem except for one thing, the pictures for the first and second one are exactly the same... as in same pose, same hair, same eyes, same everything! I was going to give them the benefits of the doubt but it picked my curiosity and I decided I was gonna find those two person (or this one person) on their site... and well I couldn't. I still find it funny.

When the cat is away...

Well today is the first official day of my supervisor vacation... which mean that things are exactly as they where before since my supervisor isn't really the kind of gal to come and check on me every few hours/days/weeks/months... Which usually is a problem when you'll just need to see her for a few second in a weeks to get a new idea or her opinion but it does teach one to be self reliant and it does wonder for my self confidence. At least I think it does ;-)

Sound likes I don't have much to say but hey right now things are peachy except for the rain and some minor inconvenience... so I shift to french in the middle of a sentence and barely catch it before hitting send....