Monday, June 19, 2006

What an interesting idea

Well this is the 365th post on this blog, so officially I have a whole year of daily post done (even if I didn't post daily ;-) Anyway this post will be in honor of a very interesting idea: a seed bank in case of world wide crop disaster. You know such things as global catastrophic warning, large scale nuclear war (that is unfortunately becoming more likely now that North Korea is preparing a missile capable of striking in the US) or simple epidemic. It could also be used as a back up in a way to prevent the lost of genetic diversity, should a species of crop be in risk of disappearing we can use this bank to preserve it.

This concept is also a good idea to study our conservation method, since such things will be required for space exploration and colonisation of other planets. And when our cloning technique becomes safe enough a similar vault could be used to preserve animal life diversity . all in all it is a great idea, in my opinion at least.

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