Tuesday, June 06, 2006

oh my god it the end of the world... NOT

As you might have heard or have noticed yourself it is possible to write today's date has 6-6-6, the day of the beast, the day of the Apocalypse according to some. Personally I'd say that today can also be written as 13-07-00 or just about any combination of arbitrary numbers. You see we choose an arbitrary date to set the year 1 (because there is no year zero in our calendar).. some will answer no! it is not an arbitrary date it is set as the year of Jesus' death!

That is arbitrary! if you don't believe in Jesus' divinity (or even his existence for some people) this point in time is meaning less, two it was set years after his death so that there might be a few years off, and 3 we start the year on january first... which is not a special date in any way expect that we have chosen it to be our new year. If you don't believe me just remember that the chinese celebrate the start of a new year on a different date and that in centuries past we celebrate the new year on april 1st.

So basically if today is the end of the world it certainly not because of some freak arrangement of arbitrary number... and chances are, it not the end of the world as we know it... but I feel fine :-p

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