Friday, June 09, 2006

Murphy's vengence

As you probably figured out from my relative lack of posting I had a pretty good last month or so. Everything was going relatively well and aside from the usual minor inconvenience nothing bad had happened to me. I was feeling pretty happy and apparently the being/thing/devil in charge of enforcing Murphy's law took notice. All was well yesterday until just after my kung fu class, then I noticed I had apparently lost my bus pass (not something really bad just a lot more then a minor inconvenience since we are at the beginning of the month and they are relatively expensive) after looking all around for it I figured I probably lost it in the morning when I first too the bus. Nice, not much change of finding it now but what the heck I'll just pay for another one and be more careful with it. Then after paying the ridiculously large money fare for the bus I got home...

Their I decided to turn on the TV to get some background sound, as I turn it on my finger touch the screen and I feel a weird spark/magnetic field going off... as the images appears the colors are basically screwed. The center being a purple/red mix and the other part going toward the green-yellow. Oh joy I though, well probably just turning it off and turning it back on should solve the problem... Nope, the picture stays screwed, search online for possible things to do... find out it probably have to be degaussed. So I'll need to get an electro-magnet and perform this.. if it doesn't work well I need a new TV. (Well I probably need a new TV anyway, mine is relatively old and I could always use a bigger one... ok it's the geek talking ;-))

I guess now thinking about it it wasn't that bad and I might just have called a worse punishment from Murphy's enforcer with this post. Still I must say that at the moment it felt like everything was just going to stop working at the most annoying moment just to be sure I wasn't happy anymore.

Oh one more "strange note" I feel like listening to classical while watching scenes that do not fit with the music (like Hymn to Joy while watching depressing or sad scene) it's kinda freakish.

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