Sunday, June 04, 2006

Having a great time

Yesterday I went to a friend wedding and had a really great time. I went to the wedding unaccompanied (well as a single guy with few woman friends that would have been even remotely connected to this friend it was either going alone or hiring an escort and I'm not yet warm to that idea ;-p) but since three others of my friend where also unaccompanied it wasn't supposed to be too bad. So after the obligatory religious ceremony (well it not obligatory but you know how it goes with tradition and stuff) we had the not so traditional obligatory wedding meal. The great time started around that time, first the four single guy where seated together (for some strange reason) just next to another part of the groom family that no one knew at all. As long would have it, the pretty 18th years old daughter of a friend of the groom's family was seating just next to my friend (while I was seating on his other side, closer to my non-single friends). Of course my two singles friends seating close to her are trying to flirt ... well one was not really flirting as just standing there looking at her but that what he usually does when flirting so we never know, and the other is flirting with the girl, her mother, her father and her aunt, in a move some of my non-single friends said was pure genius. So they flirt, we talked, i talked to her a little, we drank, we ate tasty food and then the time come for the party.

So the party start and people start to dance, well about two peoples are dancing when a good old 90's song is played. With my friends we go to dance and this young girl comes to join us.. along with half her family ;-) So we dance a little she actually complimented my dancing (which either means she find me attractive, she's blind or she drunk out of her mind :-p)) and then the first few slows are played. Now I fully expect the full family flirting friend to invited her and her whole family to dance, but he doesn't do anything. The other friends does as I expect and sit on the other side of the room and look at her trying to seduce her telepathically.. or something. So I think hey why not invite her.. which I did and found out she had never danced a slow, I got to teach her ;-) After a few dance (yeah I actually got more then one, amazing ain't it?) we both where dehydrated so we left to get a few drinks (water honestly!). My friend the great flirter then caught up with her and her mother and spend the next 30, 45 minutes, after which she start feeling sick and had to get some air... When she comes back her mother informs my friends that they will be leaving. She apparently does hear cause she comes to see me to apologies for having left me alone so long and when her mother tells her that they are leaving I manage to convince her to exchange phone number. the rest of the night was also pretty cool, but getting an pretty 18 years old number was definitively the high point for my ego ;-) To be honest the rest of the night was pretty cool too, I got to talk to one of my friend girlfriend about life, science belief and stuff. The only thing missing from the wedding (well not the only thing but you get the picture) was an after wedding ashton stop! After a good night of drinking ashton is always a welcome addition :-)

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