Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fiction imitating real life

One of the game I am currently paying in (yes I play more then on RPG, I am a geek I already told you) is a World War II realistic gurps game. You'll hear about the other one day probably. Anyway, in this game we play a group of (at the moment) foreign solider fighting with the french army again the recently started German invasion (1939-1940). Our small group is composed of 4 soldier: Our Jewish German expatriate who is a former electric engineer that used to develop radar and radio for Germany, the token french idealistic reporter that is a veteran of the Spanish revolutionary war, Myself the Canadian volunteer that is hated by everything military because of is smuggling ways and general ability to annoy every officers and finally William Wilkinson the second (WWII for his friend) our racist elitist British mechanic. While everyone of those character are interesting it is WWII that is particularly strange, you see he is the only character who his married. He is married to a woman named Ellen Wilkinson. Up to now nothing really strange, except the DM decided to do a cut scene where we see Ellen Wilkinson support the first woman to be named High lord: Lady Astor. This is were the thing get strange: a week after doing that cut scene the DM found out that one of the very first supporter of Lady Astor was a woman named (drum roll) Ellen Wilkinson! Strange ain't it.

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