Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution Pick Up lines

We're thinking about buying DDR (Dance Dance Revolution for you old people ;-)) so we where talking about how this could exploit this to get dates... And the DDR pick up lines were born, here are a few highlights:

- So babe, you wanna dance, or you wanna dance dance
- Hey cutie follow me home and I'll show you a perfect score
- You know I got the two player version
- Hey, you and me we're so hot we can shift pads in the middle of a song
- You're so slick we could raise it to another level
- This song so hot I can do it blindfolded
- Sugar, I can dance this on one foot
- Ditch those loser I step on arrows not on toes
- Honey you should know that real man don't dance, they Dance Dance.

Yeah, we got way too much imagination and no I'm not getting a date with that.

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