Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Following my tv's death I though that I was relatively safe from Murphy's attack, particularly since I got lucky and go my bus pass back. How wrong I was, saturday when I was doing a little clean up my vacuum cleaner died. Now I have a broom so it is not too bad except for a little fact... I have a cat also. And as every cat owner knows a average cat shed about 50 cats worth of hair every week.

Now as a physicist my first instinctual reaction was to be puzzled how can a single cat shed more then 50 time it's body weight in hair, it is not eating that much... Luckily Quantum physic once again saved the day. You see I have obtained indirect evidence that cats are extra dimensional being that have through a process similar to our pollution destroyed their home dimension under billions of solars masses of cat hair. Yes apparently cat industry's waste is cat hair, don't ask they don't like to talk about it.

So cat being masterfull evil planer then they are set up a plan into motion that will transfer all of their cat hair into our dimension and allow them to live in their once more... To this end
they transfered themself into our dimension and created "gates" all over their body to drop hair whenever a human is not looking, or when he is petting them.

Now of course you are all asking for proof of those well though and irrefutable argument so I will provide: the Schrodinger cat experiment, what non-transdimensional animal can be half-alive and half-dead at the same time? None I tell you!!! here, toc you can't beat that argument.

[Disclaimer: while the author indeed posses a degree in physict his grasp of quantum mecanic is clearly lacking and any theory/opinion expressed in this blog are purely a work of fiction or worse sign of a demented imagination]