Monday, June 26, 2006

Apparently I look like I need a beer.

Last Saturday was Quebec "national" Holiday (Quebec I'd like to point out to everyone is yet to be a nation) still most of the celebration happened friday night. A night where for some weird reason (going back home apparently) I had decided to take the bus at 22h. Now as i expected their where like 200 people waiting for the bus, but that didn't seem so bad I wasn't in any kind of hurry so I thought I could skip a bus or two if the worse happened. The buses came and well it looked like I could have a place sitting so here I went. Now the bus quickly filled with drunk, semi-drunk and getting drunker people. I was enjoying the crazy antic of those drunk when they started to take out beers, yes in the bus just about everyone but me had a beer to drink. So in like the 20 minutes the ride from the university to the place where the celebration where held took I was offered no less then 7 beers, from like 4 or 5 peoples... well they where all drinking Bleu so that not really a beer but you get my point. I would have though that after one or two on they would catch on but no.. apparently I need a beer ;-)

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