Monday, June 19, 2006

Alligator... on a pizza?

Well with this interesting title, let me start the story of how I came to eat alligator.. on a pizza no less. Now before anyone decide to doubt this alligator eating story let me say that it taste like chicken (seriously) and that it was served at a restaurant in Quebec that you could go and try. So well the story isn't really long: I was on a "date" friday night and we went to this restaurant which served all kind of pizza including a special from Louisiana an alligator topped pizza (apparently it is a very spicy pizza I didn't think it was). Now you've probably all got caught up on the word "date" (admit it you've reread the previous sentence 20 time just to be sure that what I wrote) and I'd say that I'm not sure it qualifies as a date. Well it was a preplanned meeting things between me and a girl I had meet once before to have diner at a relatively nice restaurant... so well yes I guess it was a date.

I had a really great time at diner and afterward we went for a walk in the old part of the city, and then on our largest park... and then just wandering around. We parted way at around 00h30 and I got back home at around 1h. Now thinking back on it maybe I should have left earlier you know not to get too annoying or boring or awkward (not that I think any of those happened but sometimes the woman mind works in strange ways.) So all that alligator story just to talk a little about my date. And no you are not getting more details. And yes I realise that not a dating story as interesting as most (or even some) dating story other blogger are posting but hey it's mine.

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anyflower said...

I believe the alligator part... as for the rest, arhem... I would'nt know! ;o)

I also had alligator a few years ago as a terrine topped with orange and red peppers sauce: really yummy. And yes, it tastes like chicken.