Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where are all those cute physicist?

I'm obviously going to the wrong university, two days in a row I zap and find a movies where there is a woman physicist that is simply gorgeous. As you all know movies are faithful representation of reality so I am wondering what wrong with my part of the country for there to be so few gorgeous physicist. Also they are all single which is a far cry from reality let me tell you all the good looking physicist woman are taken. Or at least claim to be taken most of the time.. hmm maybe it me, nah. Or maybe shockingly it would be movies misrepresenting reality.

Or the world association of physicist is trying to make our profession sexier and his paying the movies producer to cast great looking girl in the roles of physicist.. yeah that must be it.

Oh and in completely unrelated news that aren't really important I've finally understood why I missed my first cake... and it is an embarrassing reason so I won't tell.


yofed said...

you forgot an ingredient? Forgot to mix the ingredients? Forgot to put it in the oven?

By the way, I made evil cake today, and I have some leftovers (2/3 of the cake) Wanna share?

asaathi said...

I said I wouldn't tell but let just say it involve my men pantry and being too quick to use something that is in a box.

anyflower said...

... baking powder? magic powder? Yea... that must be one of those