Thursday, May 04, 2006


You might all remember the girl from Kyrgyzstan, yeah you know the girl from the former Soviet country I had no idea existed. Well i am still talking to her fairly regularly and yesterday she "dropped a bomb" on me. She told me that I was her true love. Well, I must say that came as a surprise, I was really not expecting that. It is very flattering but I promised myself that I wouldn't fall in love with someone I have never meet over the internet again (yep again there are some few episodes of my life and the internet I have never talk about on this blog.. maybe I never will but we will see). It is not that I do not believe i could fall in love with her easily (I love our talk and from her pictures she is very beautiful) but well that promise is very strong and there is the matter of the thousands of km between us. But well that not really why I am writing about this on the blog, that really something that I can and will work out on my own.

You see I'm wondering if I should send her the address of my blog so that she could read about me and know me a lot better then through a few hours long chat on ICQ but I'm not sure I should... There are probably things on here that might shock her and burst her "love" bubble... which in a way is what I would like to do. To make her know me better so that if she really feels love it is not only for my internet persona but for the real me you know. So I ask what do you think.. please comment, for once I'm really at lost.


yofed said...

Would you like her to read THIS particular article? And quite frankly, do you really want a long distance relationship? Belive me, they suck!!! Other things... russian bride. Watch the movie "Birthday girl". No one falls in love without knowing a person. We can fall in love with the idea we have of someone, but that is a waste of time... I don't say 'Don't do it". I'm asking "is it really worth it?"

asaathi said...

I will watch that movie you can be sure yofed. I do not want a long distance relationship but I don't want to push a very interesting girl out of my life just because we live a long distance from each other at the moment you understand?

Also I don't mind her reading this post, if she cannot understand that I can have doubts and not be perfect then she is clearly not in love with me but with the idea of me and she needs to understand it rapidly.

Thanks for you comment yofed... and fell free to answer this one.