Monday, May 01, 2006

Online dating statistics

Last night in a boot of curiosity I've computed my visit to message ratio for one of the dating site I frequent. So here are the result, 0.77% of the visit result in a message from the person. If I consider that 1 in every 30 is a guy that for some reason visit my page (probably to get an idea of the "competition") the ratio goes up to 0.81%. That means that my profile is interesting enough for only about 0.81% of the woman population of those sites. Of those woman that signified an interest I exchanged e-mails with 45% of them but only 7% resulted in exchanging more then 3 messages. I only received answer to about 5% of the messages I sent to woman, which is I guess the most depressing of those stats

In short I need to do three things, get a more interesting message (something catchy that woman might like to read), a better picture (one where I probably look like less of a dork.. or a nerd or a geek... or whatever), better social skill in messaging woman and hmm anything else that might help me. Maybe I should just give up on dating site like this one an concentrate on my much more successful "real life" dating (dripping sarcasm if you didn't get it).

On non related news I finally started using my bikes to work, great work out!


anyflower said...

Well... dating sites is not necessarily bad you know? I know a story that seems pretty successful actually :o)

Maybe get a good picture where your hair is properly combed and where you're shaved, where you wear a new shirt and well... you know: not the Albator, alien or D&D stuff. You probably are very scary for most of the girls that are there which, should I note it, you won't be interested in. Heh... that's what happens when you go to school too long! Now, kick your ass and learn that Russian!

asaathi said...

Well I do have at least one story myself that was pretty sucessfull a three year relationship is not that bad.

lol well if I had knew that I would have been that scary to woman (come on less then 1% sending me message that scary!) I would have picked up a sexier profession like major asshole or I don't know punk rapper. Things woman seems to love apparently (once again with the sarcasm :-)