Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now that interesting

From the news I have been seeing in the past few month (since the last election to be honest) it seemed that the conservative party (currently in power as a minority government in canada) couldn't do anything that the "people" loved. At least according to the reporter that presented the news, but for some reason this survey of the population came up today on the src. Putting the Torrie's above the Bloc Québecois in Quebec. Even stranger they are almost tied in the french portion of the province where if you listen to some people they are the devils incarnated (well more like some primordial evil in the vein of Cthullu, if you listen to some of the teachers here).

Could it be that our news services are not in sync with the opinion of the population? Could it be that Quebec rejection of everything Canadian is coming to an end?

In ccompletelyunrelated news, I think I need a new watch...

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