Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keept the web neutral damn it!

The internet you all enjoy with it's easy access to all information and non prioritised development is in danger. You see right now, most ISP (internet service provider) only act as neutral middle man, they do not give any priority to web site aside from giving higher bandwidth to larger files then to smaller one (simply logical.) However right now some US ISP want to be able to charge larger file provider (like streaming movie or sound content) to pay for the increased speed they require. Now that sound logical at first but it means that the ISP will be able to charge to have sites in high speed line, which mean that the richer business and people will be advantaged. For example lets say someone find a business concept that would shatter amazon's business with this system he probably couldn't offer it to anyone as the bandwidth Amazon has bought that he couldn't (since he is starting up and doesn't have much money) would mean that amazon site would always be faster then his, which will most of the time translate to lost costumer.

Also it is a pretty safe bet that the web site being charged for increase speed will not simply reduce their profit to please the costumer. They will increase their price to keep the profit, which mean that YOU, the costumer will be paying for your internet access and their high speed internet line. Even if you are already paying for their bandwith and internet access as well as yours....

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