Sunday, May 14, 2006

Impossible Mission III

I saw Impossible MIssion III tonight with a friend and while it is a good action movie there are a few things I'd like to tell the IMF (which is an acronym in astronomy for Initial Mass Function... but in the Movie means Impossible Mission force) according to the things I saw in the movie. Warning Spoilers.

1. Once you learn that you enemies as a technology to implant bomb in the brain of some people you have two do two things: screen all your agent to see if they haven't been implanted yet and find a way to prevent your agent to be implanted in the future.

2. Stop teaching you agent to shoot weapons, amateurs are much more accurate.

3. Count your enemies' bullet, the less bullets their are left in the weapon the more accurate it becomes (must have something to do with weight)

4. If you bring automatic guns to a mission with very sophisticated sensors system in place don't stop firing them just for fun.. make sure your agent are wearing IFF system and can't be targeted by the gun and fire away.

5. If you can bring automatic gun on a van and you know you will be dealing with an arm dealer, put some weapon on your escape helicopter please.

6. Inclined high raise building are always covered in very slippery ice, bring some way to stop yourself from slipping to your dead

7. If you know the technology exist to replicated perfectly the voice and face of someone teach your agent not to ask to talk to an hostage and not trust that just because someone looks like someone else he is.

8. Air support, do not forget it.. particularly when dealing with arm dealers that have proven in the past to have access to well armed air machine.

9. For god sake teach your agent to have an healthy fear of biological hazard and weapon, even if the containers are relatively solid they are not indestructible.

10. An agent private life is a liability, but it is unavoidable. Learn about it and protect their family, children and close friend.. you will save a lot in blackmail/treason.

11. Install cameras in elevators, and to cover whole room not just the side where you already have a viewing glass!

12. Bullet proof vest.

13. Armor piercing ammunition and larger caliber weapon, you are fighting people that apparently have an endless supply of armored car with bullet resistant glass. Not to mention military grade helicopters, weapon and body armor... that why depleted uranium as been invented.

14. Teach your agent not to rely on video loops for longer then a few seconds.

15. Deniability you have it, you warn your agent of it, use it.

16. Requisition form, normally I am against most form of bureaucracy but a lot of problem would be avoided if your team could not just walk away with sensitive and highly advanced equipment.

17. Bring back as much equipment as possible, blowing stuff up after every mission really isn't economically sound.

18. Continue not to teach your agent anything about the laws of physics.. apparently this enable them to ignore them when it is convenient.

19. Teach your agent to always verify if a prisoner has anyway to free himself, before leaving an interrogation room, before entering limited place (like elevators) and before leaving him alone.

20. When escorting a prisoner at least 2 people should watch the prisoner at all time and be armed with non-lethal weapon.

21. Invest in bidirectional radio so that your enemies cannot jam your whole radio operation by just holding one stolen radio button.

22. Speaking of radio, teach your agent to change frequency when one is compromised.

23. Do not use cell phone, they are not secure and will be easily traced.

24. Monitor phones call to and from the offices of your employ, apparently all treason happens from their own office.

25. A four man teams can do the impossible.... so don't sent 30 men to arrest 1 it will look unprofessional.

I did enjoy the movie, but the lack of plot and illogical occurrence I listed above kept it from being a great movie. It was good, just not great.

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